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Can you believe it? Soon your little one will be here. It’s going to be amazing – and scary and busy and, let’s face it filled with little sleep BUT – it’s going to be filled with amazing moments. As your baby grows it gets harder to remember them all. So, capturing those first few days of your baby’s life is something that you only get the chance to do once. We recommend photographing your newborn between 3-14 days old. They will be grow bigger and faster than you ever imagined. First, they will outgrow their newborn onesie, the one that seemed to swallow them whole just a few days before. Then it’ll start with a crawl…yes that’s a huge moment, but when baby takes those first steps it’s monumental. There will be many moments that you will want to document.

But now, now is the time to capture them and preserve this moment in time forever. They are only this little once.

I want to capture these moments for you, so you have them for the rest of your life. I want to capture your family, your love, your little one while they are still so tiny. Somewhere between portraiture and lifestyle, my sessions are relaxed and fun, with plenty of time to rest and feed (the baby, not you. Well, ok, you can grab a snack too, this parenting thing is hard!)

Your family, your home, your love. It’s all right there, just waiting to be captured.

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Newborn Photography