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Deciding whether or not to have maternity photos taken can be a tough decision. On one hand you might want to preserve this amazingly special time in your life. On the other hand, we don’t always feel our best and prettiest when we are only a couple short months away from giving birth. The thing about maternity photos, and why I think they are so important to get done, is that they are a photographic record of the love that you had for your child, before you even met them.

If this is your first baby your photos will reflect not only your growing bump and glowing skin, but also you and your partner, and the love that you have for each other – the love that started it all. If this is your second (or third or more) this is such an amazing time to document your family just as it is, before it’s newest arrival, the last few moments you’ll be a family of three (or four…) Your newest family member will be able to cherish these photos for a lifetime and see the love that their family had for them, before they were even born.

The best time to complete your maternity session is late in your third trimester, usually 28-34 weeks. This allows you to capture the fullness of your pregnant form but not be too uncomfortable for posing. If you are beyond 34 weeks; don’t worry. We have photographed expectant moms up until the week of their delivery.

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