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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography

How important is having the right wedding photographer?

WELL….For most, your wedding is the most special, important, valuable day of your entire existence. You are surrounded by absolutely everyone you love in the world (ideally) and you are committing yourself to your best friend…it’s just such a positive experience…….How could it not be important?

Equally important is being able to revisit every little detail of your very special day. Having DK Photography as your wedding photographers will ensure that you are able to do just that. We start working with our bride and groom months before the wedding. Planning your preparations shots. Making sure that our schedules are perfectly aligned so that we can get candid photographs of you and your wedding party laughing, smiling, reflecting while your getting make-up, hair, jewelry and lastly putting the final touches on your attire.

Your wedding ceremony  photography will be shot from two different angles. Let me explain, most of all our wedding that we shot are with at least two wedding photographers. So, the likely hood of us catching them important moments from two very different angel is very possible. Between Prep, ceremony, formal, and reception pictures on average before the elimination process begins we have shot over a 1000 pictures. So relax and rest assure that we will catch everything! In a nut shell we will be with you every step of the way… From engagement, to picking “the dress”, to your “I do” day, and everything in between, every moment will be a part of your fairy tale come true, and DK Photography will be there as Houston premier wedding photographer.