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WELCOME to Houston’s Wedding Blog

This is where you can go to see some of our latest and greatest work and some pointers that might get you through a tough situation.
I can remember photographing my first wedding, and the thing that sticks out the most was I couldn’t figure out who was more nervious, the bride or myself. She kepts saying “how she hoped everything was going to be ok”….little did she know I was praying for he same thing! People always say fake it to you make it…well I have news for anyone trying that methodology in wedding photography “IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!” You better have a pretty good ideal of what your gonna do before your gonna do it. This applies to all sorts of events.

houston wedding blog Being a photographer can be one of the most glamorous and most stressful jobs in the world. Depends on the day, I suppose. One thing’s for sure, when it’s all said and done, it’s one of the most rewarding things in I’ve done in my life.

Think about it: I’m responsible for documenting one of the biggest days in the lives of our clients. The images that we take will be some of the most important things to remember their life. Talk about pressure. I love everything about being a wedding photographer. We get to be creative, work outside, challenge myself, meet tons of great people and, most importantly, create artwork for my clients.

Julissa’s Quinceañera

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Houston's Quinceañera Photographer Tips For How to Photograph Quinceañera Portraits One of my favorite moments as a Quinceañera photographer is the time I get to spend capturing photos of the Quince. She's extraordinarily happy, she [...]